Safety RX
2835 E Sam Houston Pkwy S
PasadenaTX 77503

We Fit Our Glasses In-Plant

You will receive in-plant fitting and services. We arrive with the technology to ensure everyone receives proper eyewear. We offer same-day service so there is never any waiting around.

Because your employees may have different prescription needs, we will perform all the essential screenings.

Other Things To Know

  • We strive to meet all of your needs and objectives and provide the best solution to every challenge.
  • We follow through with integrity and expertise.
  • We resolve concerns quickly and appropriately.
  • We honor schedules and overtime by providing flexible service.
  • In-plant fitting – We take orders and do any repairs, adjustments, etc. all on site, and we bring glasses back out to ensure 100% satisfaction in vision and fitting.
  • Yearly schedules: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly — whatever the customer needs.
  • We cover all shifts, day or night.
  • We offer wholesale package pricing – There's no middle man!
  • Pricing is simplified – Easy to understand so you can always know what you are getting and being billed for, unlike with the competitor.

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